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European Bicycles

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

I LOVE European Style Bicycles!

Best European Style Bicycles

Best European Style Bicycle

Biria Step Through 3-speed German design Cruiser Bicycle

In many European countries, specially Amsterdam, residents ride their bikes everyday instead of driving!
Talk about being ‘eco-friendly’ huh?
As a matter of fact I loved this concept so much that I adopted it too and sold my car 6 years ago!
That’s right!
My husband and I only ride bicycles!
I found a few of the best European bicycles for sale online!
If you also want to have one for yourself, I believe you are going to be very pleased with these!
They are of the highest quality possible and really beautiful!

Gorgeous Baby Blue Dutch Style Beach Cruiser Bike for Women!

Best European Bicycles for Sale!

Baby Blue Dutch Style Beach Cruiser Bike

Baby Blue Dutch Style Beach Cruiser Bike

Hollandia Land Cruiser L Bicycle (Baby Blue, 26-Inch)

Who wants to go ‘Dutch’ today?
No, I am not talking about sharing the dinner bill, I’m actually talking about riding an authentic Dutch style bicycle!
This is one of the cutest Dutch cruiser bicycles for women being sold!
It’s gorgeous!
All heads are going to turn your way when you ride this beauty!
I love the handlebars!
You will be able to ride this bicycle from a very comfortable position!
I would love to get one as a gift!

Dutch Style City Bike for Men!

Dutch bike for men

Dutch Style City Bike for Men

Dutch Style Men’s City Bike, 46cm

Now it’s time for the guys to go Dutch today!
This is a fast, beautiful and very stylish Dutch style blue city bike for men!
City bikes are specially designed for commuting!
Check out the sleek design!
The front basket is a big plus!
Ladies, if your husbands love riding bikes too, how getting this beauty as a birthday or Christmas gift for him?

Very Stylish 7-Speed Dutch Bicycle for Women!

Stylish 7-Speed Dutch Bicycle for Women

Stylish 7-Speed Dutch Bicycle for Women

XDS Nadine 7-Speed Dutch Bike, Red

Well, well, well!
Look at that!
A gorgeous 7-speed Dutch bike for women who like to ride fast!
This is the perfect bike for exercising, recreation and commuting!
It has a Shimano 7-speed shifter and derailleur set and it’s very lightweight!
Great for adventurous ‘road riders’!
(The cute front basket and rear leather pouch give this cute Dutch bike such a charming touch! 🙂

I hope it’s a beautiful day!

Cute Dutch Style 7-Speed Bike for Women Bright Yellow!

Best European Bicycles for Women!

Cute Dutch Style 7-Speed Bike for Women Bright Yellow

Cute Dutch Style 7-Speed Bike for Women Bright Yellow

Women’s Dutch Style Step-Thru City Bike, 7-Speed, Bright Yellow, 20-Inch/Large

If you want the speed, but also want a practical bicycle that can be used for pleasure as well, this will be the perfect European bike for you ladies!
It’s a beautiful, bright yellow 7-speed Dutch-style city bike that is very lightweight to ride!
The gear is ultra-smooth to shift and it’s perfect for commuting longer distances while totally enjoying your surroundings! 🙂
This fun yellow color is also great to keep you visible at all times while riding and turning a few heads as well!
Overall this is a great Dutch-style women’s bike for the price!

Hollandia Land Cruiser Bicycle

Gorgeous European Speed Cruiser Bike for Men!

European speed cruiser

Hollandia European Land Cruiser

Hollandia Land Cruiser M Bicycle (Pewter / Copper, 26-Inch)

This is definitely one of the most beautiful European speed cruiser bicycles for men around!
It has the most gorgeous colors, an amazing design, an awesome front-basket and an affordable price!
What a powerful combo!
A happy buyer said this Dutch bicycle is the most awesome bicycle on the planet!

Beautiful Hollandia New Oma Bike

Girly Lime-Green Floral European Bicycle for Women!

Girly Lime-Green Floral European Bicycle for Women

Girly Lime-Green Floral European Bicycle for Women

Hollandia New Oma 26 Bicycle (Electric Green, 26-Inch)

Hello fellow girly ladies!
Check this out!
How cute is this bright green floral European-style bicycle for sale?
Buyers said they ‘fell in love’ with this cute bike right away!
Do you blame them? 🙂

Gorgeous Light Blue Dutch Bike for Women!

Schwinn Women’s Scenic 700c Dutch Bicycle, Light Blue

light blue Dutch bike

Beautiful Light Blue Dutch Bicycle

Schwinn Women’s Scenic 700c Dutch Bicycle, Light Blue, 16-Inch Frame

Wow, wow, wow!
Of all European bicycles from this page this has got to be one of the most beautiful!
I LOVE this gorgeous baby blue color!
It’s so cute!
Perfect high-quality bicycle to run errands and have fun at the same time!
Totally approved!
(The price is not so bad either folks!)

Biria Step Through 3-speed Shimano Aluminum, Light Blue , Cruiser Comfort German Design Bicycle

The Most Bought German Bicycle!

Biria Step Through German Bike

Best German Bicycle for Sale

Biria Step Through 3-speed Shimano Nexus internal Hub, Aluminum, Light Blue , 15 Inch frame size Cruiser comfort German design Bicycle

The Biria step-through bicycle is one of the most popular and most bought German bicycles online!
First of all it’s absolutely gorgeous!
It is a lightweight aluminum cruiser bike designed in Germany!
It’s also one of the most comfortable bikes ever!
I had the pleasure of taking this baby for a ride once in one of our bike shops down here in Southwest Florida and all I have to say about this amazing bicycle is ‘Wow’!
It is not only very smooth and very pleasant to ride, but it’s also a strong bicycle!
Needless to say it’s the easiest bicycle to get on and off too!
I highly recommend it!

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