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Huffy Bikes Reviews

Huffy Bikes: Beautiful and Affordable Lightweight Cruiser Bicycles for Men and Women!

If you are on a budget but would love to buy a nice bicycle for a fair price, then I think you should get a Huffy bicycle!
They are among the cheapest bikes out there!
(And they are all great looking!)

Best Huffy Bikes

26″ Huffy Nel Lusso Women’s Cruiser Bike, Butter Yellow

(As a matter of fact I just bought another Huffy cruiser bike for myself a couple of weeks ago!
My last one lasted for many years of heavy using!)

How gorgeous is the one you see in this picture?
I love this pretty butter yellow color!
Very pretty!
(Mine is a light green color, but it’s the same Huffy bicycle!)
Doesn’t it look like a very fancy and expensive beach cruiser bike?
But it’s not!

*Update on my green Huffy cruiser bike: I have been riding my Huffy bicycle now for the past six years almost and it’s still going strong!
Even my father bought one for himself too and he is 76 years old!
The best feature in our opinion is how lightweight and smooth it rides.
It does make a little cranking noise when riding.
It comes from the seat, which by the way is ultra-comfy!
Overall it is a wonderful cheap bike! 🙂
(You can read more about my bike a little further down the page….)

Cool Huffy Bike for Men!

Huffy Bicycle Company Men’s Deluxe Cruiser Bike, 26-Inch, Gray

Cool Huffy Bike for Men

Cool Huffy Bike for Men

This is a very cool looking Huffy bike for men with basket!
I love this gorgeous gray, cream and brown color combination!
It has coaster brakes and it comes with the front basket too!
Perfect to ride right along your wife!

As you can see the handlebars are also nice and tall and the brown seat is very comfy!
I also love the ‘retro’ look!
The price is also fair.

Gorgeous Huffy Bicycles for Men!

Huffy Good Vibrations Men’s Cruiser

Gorgeous Huffy Bicycles for Men

Gorgeous Huffy Bicycles for Men

Another gorgeous Huffy cruiser bicycle for men!

The colors are amazing!
Again it has a very nice and clean ‘retro’ style and you won’t believe how comfortable and pleasant to ride it is!
The seat is very, very comfy and it’s the perfect cruiser bike to ride for pleasure and enjoy yourself! 🙂

Huffy Good Vibrations Women’s Cruiser

Huffy Bicycle Women's Bike, 26"

Huffy Bicycle Company Women’s Good Vibrations Cruiser Bike, 26″/Large

How gorgeous and ultra-pretty is this strong mint green and lavender Huffy cruiser bike for women? (Check out the cute polka-dotted and flower designs! 🙂
It is such a pretty and happy beach cruiser to ride!
Perfect for riding nice and tall!

(What I also love about my Huffy cruiser bike is that it is very smooth to ride!
The handlebars are perfect!)

Huffy 24 inch Beautiful Mint Green Bike for Short Women!

Huffy 24 inch Mint Green Bike for Women

Huffy 24 inch Mint Green Bike for Women

I had to show this beautiful mint green Huffy bicycle for women!
It is 24 inches, which is perfect for short ladies, around 5 feet tall or less!
(I am 5’1″ and my last cruiser was 24 inches.)
I love this roomy front basket!

*Pretty Huffy 24″ Cruiser Bike, Lilac Color!

Huffy 24" Cruiser Bike, Lilac

Pretty Huffy 24″ Cruiser Bike, Lilac Color

What a pretty Huffy bike for women!

I love this lilac color!

Just by looking at it on the picture you can ‘feel’ it is fun and comfortable to ride!
I really like coaster brakes too, I got used to them…
(What you are going to like best is the super affordable price! 🙂

26″ Huffy Cranbrook Women’s Cruiser Bike

Huffy Bikes Reviews

Huffy Bikes Reviews

26″ Huffy Women’s Cranbrook Cruiser Bike, Ocean Blue

This is the Huffy bike I got for myself about six years ago!
(Except mine is a pistachio green color, but they didn’t have this color anymore…)

My husband was able to assemble it in about one hour!
I love everything about this Huffy cruiser, the only thing I don’t like it so much is that the seat makes a clanking noise when you ride it…
But it is extremely comfortable!
I feel like I am riding a ‘spaceship’!

It is super tall, the handlebars are just perfect and it is very smooth!

Just be aware that this is a steel frame bicycle, so it will be heavy to carry!
(I live on the second floor, so every time I want to ride my bike I have to ask my husband to carry it downstairs for me…)
I love this cute ocean blue color too!

Overall I am pretty happy with my Huffy bike and I give it an 8.5 out of 10!

*Cutest 26″ Women’s Huffy Cruiser Bike with Basket, Baby Blue Color

 26" Women's Huffy Cruiser Bike with Basket, Baby Blue

26″ Women’s Huffy Cruiser Bike with Basket, Baby Blue

This is one of the cutest Huffy bikes for women out there in my opinion!

It has a gorgeous baby blue color and a nice basket! 🙂

I also love this cool ‘retro-style’ look and the nice and large seat and comfy handlebars!

Will make a very nice spring gift idea for wives or daughters!

Stunning and Very Unique Huffy Minnie Mouse Limited Edition Cruiser Bicycle!

Gorgeous Huffy Minnie Mouse Cruiser Bike

Gorgeous Huffy Minnie Mouse Cruiser Bike

This is by far the most beautiful Huffy bicycle for women ever!

It is a very cute and extremely unique Minnie Mouse Huffy bike!

It is full of Minnie graphics all over it and the colors are gorgeous!
(This is NOT a cheap bicycle though…. but I couldn’t resist showing it off to you! 🙂

Huffy Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Cruiser Bicycle for Men!

Huffy Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Cruiser Bicycle

Huffy Mickey Mouse Limited Edition Cruiser Bicycle

look what I found now!

It is a Mickey Mouse Huffy cruiser bike for men!

That is so cute!
Perfect cruiser bikes for a cute couple in love!
(I am so romantic…)

It is a gorgeous black and white men’s cruiser with fun Mickey Mouse face graphics on it!
(Again it is not cheap…. it is Mickey after all!)

Stunning 26″ Women’s Huffy Cruiser Bike in Coral PINK!

Women's Huffy Cruiser Bikes

Pink Women’s Huffy Cruiser Bike

What a gorgeous Huffy cruiser!
I love this beautiful coral PINK color!

It is so girly!!
(I told you… I am crazy about cute and girly bikes! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed my Huffy bikes reviews from this page and were able to pick a gorgeous looking one for you today! 🙂

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