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Micargi Bicycle

Best Micargi Bikes for Women!

Are you looking for a beautiful, high-quality Micargi bicycle for your wife or daughter today?
Good choice!

Micargi bicycle

Micargi Bicycle (Tahiti)

Micargi makes beautiful, great quality bicycles for men, women and kids!

They sell many kinds of bicycles but today I am going to show you my top favorite Micargi cruiser bicycles for women!

Micargi bicycles are extremely comfortable to ride and you can choose them with 7-speeds, 3-speeds or the single speed ones, which are my favorites.
(They are also available in any color imaginable, which is awesome!)

The gorgeous turquoise blue cruiser bike you see on the picture above is the Micargi Tahiti!
It is a single speed cruiser bicycle very easy to pedal, very comfortable to ride and very stylish to look at! 🙂

Like I said before you can choose it in many beautiful colors, to suit your style!

Micargi Tahiti NX3 3 Speed 26″ Vanilla White Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Micargi Bikes for Women

Micargi Tahiti NX3 3 Speed 26″ Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike

Meet the Micargi Tahiti NX3!

It’s a gorgeous 3-speed cruiser bike for women!

It has the easy to use coaster brakes and a Shimano Nexus 3-speed derailleur!
Very easy to assemble!
I also LOVE this beautiful vanilla white color! 🙂

Women’s Micargi Rover NX3

Another beautiful 3 speed Micargi cruiser bicycle!

Micargi Rover NX3 cruiser bicycle for women

Micargi Rover NX3 Cruiser Bicycle for Women

This is the Micargi Rover NX3 cruiser bicycle for women.
Also available in several beautiful colors!

It is a 3-speed cruiser bike as well and it’s perfect for cruising around for pleasure or exercising as well!

It has a cool and unique style and it’s very smooth to ride!
Will definitely make a great summer gift idea for your wife! 🙂

Women’s Micargi Tahiti Cruiser

Women's Micargi Tahiti Cruiser

Women’s Micargi Tahiti Cruiser

If you are looking for a high-quality, modern looking, gorgeous cruiser bike for women that has beautiful retro-style handlebars, then this 26″Micargi dark purple cruiser bicycle might be the one!

It is a very solid, awesome bike for women!
It has a beautiful purple color and a very comfy large seat!
(This is very important for me, and it is one of the reasons I love cruiser bikes! I cannot stand the hard seats in other bikes, such as mountain bicycles and road bikes…)

Micargi Pantera Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Micargi Pantera Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Micargi Pantera Beach Cruiser Bicycle

The Micargi Pantera is a gorgeous 7-speed 26 inch beach cruiser bicycle that comes in several beautiful colors!
It has a beautiful ‘classic look’, it’s made of steel and it is FUN to ride!
Perfect bike for teen girls or outdoorsy ladies! 🙂

Micargi Hero 20″ Girls Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Micargi Hero 20" Girls Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Micargi Hero 20″ Girls Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is the Micargi Hero!

It is a gorgeous retro-style 20 inch beach cruiser bicycle for girls between the ages of 7 and 11 years old with a gorgeous banana seat and very high handlebars and coaster brakes!

So very cool!

It is a very sturdy bike, all made of steel!
(The color pink is also perfect for your girly rider! 🙂

Women’s Micargi Sakura Retro Style Bicycle!

Women's Micargi Sakura Bicycle

Women’s Micargi Sakura Bicycle

As you can see the Micargi Sakura is a gorgeous vintage style cruiser bicycle for women!
It is also very girly, with cute floral graphics on the frame.

The seat is extremely comfy and the handle bars nice and high, so you can ride your bike with your back completely straight and being able to enjoy your surroundings completely! 🙂
The frame is made of steel, so this is a very solid and durable bicycle!

*Micargi Cruiser Assembly

How to assemble your new Micargi cruiser bike right out of the box!

This guy offers a very detailed step by step instruction on how to assemble your brand-new, beautiful Micargi cruiser bicycle!

*I hope you were able to choose a fabulous Micargi bicycle for you here today! 🙂

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