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Pink Bikes

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11 Girly Pink Bikes for Women and Girly Teens!

Now it’s time for some girly pink bikes!
Pink bikes are among the most preferred color choice for women’s bicycles!

pink bikes

Single Speed Cruiser Bike PINK

Urban Lady Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Pink

There is nothing more fun than riding a cute pink beach cruiser bicycle around town!

On this cute bike page, you will find the girliest and prettiest pink bikes for women being sold online!

Most pink bikes from here will be pink cruiser bikes since they are the most comfortable bikes for women!

I hope you enjoy my selections and have fun choosing your next pink cruiser!

It’s a Pink Cruiser Tricycle!

cute pink color adult tricycle for sale

26 Inch 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle Bike PINK

PINK 26 Inch 3 Wheel Adult Tricycle Bike Cycling Pedal Cruiser Bicycle

This is a gorgeous and very girly 26-inch pink color cruiser tricycle for women!
I love how comfortable the seat and handle-bars are and I love the pink color!
Tricycles are absolutely perfect for older adults who might have balance issues but still enjoy a nice bike ride!
I see many beautiful tricycles here in Southwest Florida. The large rear basket is perfect for going grocery shopping in the neighborhood.

Fun Women’s 3-Speed Pink Beach Cruiser Bike!

Women's 3-Speed Pink Beach Cruiser Bike

Women’s 3-Speed Pink Beach Cruiser Bike

Women’s 3-Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 17″/One Size, Paisley Coral Pink

Another awesome and fun pink beach cruiser!
Nice and strong colors!
I also love the comfortable seat and very high-handlebars!
Perfect to ride in an upright position and enjoying everything around you!
It is great to ride and very durable!

Women’s Commuter Bike Magenta Pink and White

hot pink bike for women

Huffy Comfort Commuter Bike, 27.5 inch Hyde Park 7 Speed & 3 Speed, Lightweight Aluminum

Cool Huffy Women’s Commuter Bike, Hyde Park 27.5 inch 3-Speed, Lightweight

This is a beautiful pink and white Huffy commuter bike for women!
It is a smooth bicycle, which means it’s even more comfortable to ride and low-maintenance!
Nice look and design! Made of aluminum, which makes it very easy to carry up the stairs if needed.

Comfy Pink Beach Cruiser Bike

Beach Cruiser Bicycle for women PINK

Pink Color Beach Cruiser Bicycle

26 Inch Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike with Wide Seat PINK

In my opinion, of all the cute bikes being sold here, this cute pink bicycle is one of the best!!
I absolutely love everything about this cute and comfy PINK bike!
I love the size, which is perfect for kids and short women, I love the delicate baby pink color, I love how comfortable the seat and handlebars are and I love the pretty design too!
It is very easy to assemble and will definitely make a wonderful gift idea for any girl or woman in your life!
Have fun!

HOT Pink Women’s Beach Cruiser Tricycle!

cute hot pink tricycle for women

1-Speed Trike Cruiser Bike 3 Wheeled Bicycle w/Large Basket

Adult Tricycle 1-Speed Trike Cruiser Bike 3 Wheeled Bicycle w/Large Basket PINK

This cute and fun pink beach cruiser trike bike is another favorite of mine for three reasons:
It is HOT pink!
It is a TRIKE cruiser bike and it is very affordable!
What more could you ask for? Oh yeah! The HUGE basket for groceries! Perfect!

Gorgeous NEON Pink Mountain Bicycle for Women!

neon pink Adult Mountain Bike

HOT PINK Adult Mountain Bike

Adult Mountain Bike, 26 Inch Aluminum Alloy Wheels, HOT Pink,27 Speed

I am now officially in cute pink bikes heaven!
What a cute and very girl gorgeous NEON pink mountain bicycle for women!!
I love it!
I love the fact that it is also a very lightweight and fast all-terrain bike!
Perfect for exercising or just going for a long and pleasurable ride in nature!
I love the design.
Great gift idea!
Very unique looking bike!

How about a PINK and White Electric Bicycle?

cool pink and white electric bike for sale

City Electric Bike 500W

City Electric Bike 500W 48V 14Ah Mechanical Disc Brake 700C 7 Speed for Women Bikes(White-Pink)

How about going with a pink electric bike?
How awesome will that be?
I have an electric bicycle myself and I can tell you it is so much fun to ride!
You can even use it as your means of transportation to save gas!
The great thing about this gorgeous white and pink electric bike is that you can also alternate between pedaling or twisting the throttle to use the motor and relax!
(I love doing that…)
You can just enjoy your surroundings if you want! 🙂

Parent-Child Double-Seater Pink Folding Bike!

pink double seater bike for parent and child

Double Seater Folding Road Bike PINK

PINK Parent Child Bike Small Folding Road Bike

Check this out!! It’s a cool pink color folding bike for two people! Mom and child! Mom can get her daily dose of exercise while her little boy or girl just enjoy the ride! How fun is this?

Cute PORTABLE Folding Pink City Bicycle 

Cool Folding Bike for Women PINK color

Permanent Folding Bike PINK

PINK Portable Permanent Folding Bike Ultra-Light Women’s 20-inch City Riding

Perhaps you were looking for a gorgeous pink color folding city bike instead?
Your wish is my command!
Here it is!
Just by looking at it, we can see it is very comfortable to ride!
The handlebars are very tall and the seat is also padded!
Perfect ultra-light commuting bike for a girly lady!

Women’s 24″ Pink Bike

24 inch pink bike for women

Women’s 24″ Pink Bicycle

Women’s 24″ Pink Bike

This beautiful 24 inch pink bicycle is just perfect for a teen girl or short women!
I have a 24 inch bicycle myself, as I am very short…
We feel safer…
This is also a 7-speed cruiser!
I love this shiny pink color!

*I hope you were able to find a gorgeous pink beach cruiser bicycle for you!

Cute Purple Bikes!
(If you also like purple, check these cute purple cruisers too!)

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    Is this site legit? Every bike shows unavailable when you open it in Amazon link. ?

    • Cute Bikes Lover

      Hi Karen, I’m so sorry about that… I am trying to update the links… Thank you so much for visiting! 🙂

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