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Purple Bikes

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

12 Cute Purple Bikes for Girls and Women!

purple bikes for women

Cute Purple Bikes for Women

Is your favorite color purple?
Do you love bicycles?
Then you are going to love my selection of purple bikes!! 🙂

Purple bikes are very girly and feminine and they are usually one of the first color choices for women.
(After pink, of course!)

I have a beautiful purple bicycle that my sister just bought for me as an early birthday gift…
I love it!!
It is really pretty and very girly, just the way I like it!

Single Speed – Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike (Purple)

On this ‘purple’ page you will find a few of the most comfortable and fun to ride purple cruiser bikes for women and girly girls!
Have fun and enjoy the outdoors!

*Did you know that riding a bicycle can also prevent back pain, protect your joints and improve your circulation and immune system while making your legs look even more gorgeous and firm?
I’m in!!

Purple Beach Cruiser Bikes!

purple bicycle

Cute Purple Bikes for Women

Women’s 26″ Purple Bike

I love purple bikes!

They are fun, girly and unique!

I created this page dedicated exclusively to showing off the cutest girly purple bikes for women around! You will find only the most comfortable purple beach cruisers being sold. There is nothing better than riding your favorite beach cruiser bike around your neighborhood on a sunny day!

Purple bikes make fun gift ideas for girls and women of all ages who enjoy the outdoors!

I also have a purple cruiser and I ride it everyday to my local grocery store!
They are great for leisure rides!
(I like to ride mine very slowly, so I can appreciate all the beauty around me!) 🙂

This cute purple beach cruiser bike is extremely comfortable and fun to ride! I love the high handle bars and large seat! (Not to mention the cute girly designs on the frame as well!)

Enjoy my selections of cute purple bikes from here!

Women’s Beach Cruiser Bike, Purple, 26-Inches

purple cruiser bike

Purple Beach Cruiser Bike

Micargi Rover NX3 Beach Cruiser Bike, Purple, 26-Inch

Another cute and very girly purple beach cruiser bike for women or girls!
It has amazingly cute and fun designs on the the frame, 26 inch wheels, a gorgeous and comfy white seat and the high handlebars!
Great summer gift idea!

Women’s Comfortable Purple Cruiser Bicycle

Comfortable Purple Cruiser Bicycle

Comfortable Purple Cruiser Bicycle

Firmstrong Bella Classic Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Purple

Gorgeous purple cruiser bicycle for women!

It’s a beautiful and very simple single speed beach cruiser bike with a coaster brake, which riders pedal backwards to stop. It has 26 inch wheels which are perfect for women taller than 5′ 2″.
Very smooth and fun to ride everywhere!
Very easy to assemble!
Makes a great gift idea for wives and daughters who enjoy spending time outdoors!

Cute Retro Purple Bicycle for Short Women!

Cute Purple Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Cute Purple Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Micargi Pantera Shimano 7-Speed 26″ Women’s Beach Cruiser Bicycle Bike, Steel Frame (Purple)

This purple beach cruiser is my favorite!
I LOVE classic looking cruisers!
Just by looking at this beauty makes you put on some shorts, sneakers, sunglasses and go for a ride!

I love the strong purple color and the price!
It also has a fun retro-style!
It’s perfect!

Single Speed Purple Bike!

high quality purple road bike

Purple Speed Bike

Gran Royale Bikes Lurker Complete Bike

Love riding bikes on the road?
Feeling the wind and the sun on your body?

High-quality speed purple bike with European bottom bracket!
It can be used as a fixed gear or freewheel ride.
This awesome speed bike is available in 52, 54, 56, 58, or 60 cm sizes.

Lady Beach Cruiser Purple Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike 24″ Firmstrong 1 speed – purple

Another fun, affordable and unique purple beach cruiser for women!
It has a classic and simple design, 24 inch wheels, and only one speed, for a fun and relaxed ride!
Awesome outdoor gift idea for teenage girls or girly women who enjoy the color purple!

Retro Style Low Rider Purple Beach Cruiser Bicycle for Girls!

retro style purple bike for girls

Retro Style Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle Purple

J Bikes by Micargi Hero 20″ Girls Kids Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle Purple

Beautiful purple bicycle for kids or short women!
It’s a retro beach cruiser bicycle with a purple banana seat, so it is very comfortable and pleasant to ride everywhere!
Great gift idea too!
Buyers said it’s perfect for girls ages 8 to 14 years old!
It is heavy and the construction is great!

(I LOVE the classic retro design with the banana seat and very high handlebars!
Just a pleasure to ride!)

It is a gorgeous and very unique purple retro beach cruiser!
Look at that classic banana seat!
How awesome is that?

This amazing purple cruiser is perfect for girls and short women!
Will give you compliments everywhere you ride it!
Very cool Christmas gift idea!

Gorgeous Purple and Green Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike with Coaster Brake

purple green beach cruiser

Purple and Green Beach Cruiser

Steel Frame, Micargi Sakura 1-speed (Purple/green) Women’s 26″ Beach Cruiser Bike

My two favorite colors mixed together in a gorgeous beach cruiser bike!
It is a purple and green cruiser bicycle!
I am in cute bikes heaven right now!
I love the gorgeous brown seat and the comfortable handlebars!
Very attractive bicycle!

Fun Electric Purple Cruiser Bike!

purple electric cruiser bike

PEDEGO Comfort Electric Cruiser PURPLE

PEDEGO Comfort Electric Cruiser PURPLE

What a beautiful electric purple cruiser bicycle!

Beautiful electric purple bike for ladies who like a little speed….

This beautiful purple bike is designed to allow women to ride faster if they want to…
It’s electric after all!

Wear a helmet though!
Safety first!
It has 500 watt of power and it goes up to 20mph!!

Adorable Purple Cruiser Bike for Little Girls Ages 3 and up!

cute purple cruiser bike for 3 year old girls

Diamondback Girls Lil Della Cruz Cruiser Bike Purple

Cute Cruiser Bike (12-Inch Wheels, Purple)

What an adorable purple cruiser bicycle for 3, 4 and 5 year old girls! 🙂
Will make such a fun Christmas gift idea for her!
(Don’t forget to get a cute purple helmet too!)

Very Affordable Popular Purple Bike for Girls Ages 6, 7 and up!

Popular Purple Bike for Children

Popular Purple Bike for Girls Ages 6 and Up

Mongoose Lark Girls’ Bike (18-Inch Wheels) PURPLE

This is one of the most popular purple bicycles for children being sold!

Recommended for ages 6 to 9.
(Even though some parents get it for their 4 and 5 year old too…)
Parents love it because it is affordable, easy to assemble and very comfortable!

*I hope you found a cute and girly purple bike for you here! 🙂

My Top Favorite Cute Pink Bikes!
(Yup, as a girly lady I also LOVE pink bicycles, of course!)

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