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Retro Bicycles

Disclosure: This page contains affiliate links.
**All links on this page are affiliate links, meaning I get commissions for purchases made through those links on this page at no additional cost to you.

I LOVE to ride gorgeous RETRO BICYCLES!

Retro Bicycles

Retro Bicycles

Retro bikes are among the most beautiful and comfortable bicycles for women to ride in my opinion!
I have been riding them for my whole life! 🙂

Their seats are usually large and comfortable and the handlebars are high and offer you the opportunity to ride with your back straight, so you can actually enjoy your surroundings!

(Of course if you are looking to exercise, a retro bicycle might not be your best option…)

I gathered here on this page my top favorite fun. comfy and colorful retro bicycles being sold online!
Enjoy and have an awesome bike ride!

Retro Bicycles Rock!

What a Cute 7-Speed Retro Style Blue Bike!

cute retro bikes

7-Speed Aluminum Comfort Bike, Teal

XDS Nadine 7-Speed Aluminum Comfort Bike, Teal

I own a couple of cool vintage looking beach cruiser bicycles myself…
I decided to create this page to help you choose a beautiful retro bicycle for you!

If you don’t have the cash for an authentic vintage bicycle, there are many ‘modern’ retro style bicycles for sale as well and a lot cheaper!
They look exactly like the original bikes from decades ago!

What I like about these beautiful retro-looking beach cruiser bicycles is the fact that they are much more sturdy, larger, easy to ride and beautiful!!
Another great feature we can find on them, in general, is the high handlebars!
Cruiser bikes can be considered ‘retro-looking bikes’ because of that!

The one you see on this picture is actually a gorgeous ‘retro-style’ teal bike for women!

It is so girly and so pretty, isn’t it?
Look at that awesome soft and comfy saddle and grips!
I also LOVE the fact that it also has 7 speeds, in case you want to cruise faster! 🙂

This cute retro bicycle will have everyone turning their heads your way when you ride it!
Very stylish and will make other bike riders very jealous! 🙂

Women’s 26-Inch Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle in a Beautiful Cream Color!

Gorgeous Retro Bicycles for Sale!

Women’s 26-Inch Retro Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Women’s 26-Inch Retro Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is one of the most gorgeous retro beach cruiser bikes around!

It’s a beautiful and unique cream color beach cruiser bike with a beautiful caramel color seat and handlebars!
The seat is very large and comfy!
Perfect retro girly bicycle for girly women!
Stylish, fun and high quality!

I love this beautiful color combination!
(Not to mention the very nice and comfy bike seat and high handlebars!)

*To start riding this beauty around YOUR neighborhood, just click on the picture! 🙂

Single Speed 26″ Women’s Vintage Cruiser Bicycle

Women's Single-Speed Vintage Cruiser

26-Inch Women’s Single-Speed Vintage Cruiser

Gorgeous 26-Inch Women’s Single-Speed Vintage Cruiser

This is a gorgeous blue and pink vintage-style beach cruiser bicycle for women!

It’s so unique!
Will stand out from the crowd!

Perfect retro beach cruiser for a fun ride around town!
It has coaster brakes and a steel frame.
Very strong and durable!

With this bike, you can get the best of both worlds!
Exercise and an enjoyable and comfortable ride!

I love the fact that the handlebars are still high, so even though you will be exercising your body, your back will stay nice and straight!

Women’s 1-speed Retro Style Beach Cruiser Bicycle in a Gorgeous Black and Pink Color!

Cutest Retro Bikes for Women!

Retro style Beach Cruiser

Women’s Classic Lady Black and Pink Beach Cruiser

Fun Women’s Classic Lady Black Beach Cruiser

I love this cute and very cool looking retro-style beach cruiser bicycle!
It’s perfect!
I think this is probably one of the cutest retro beach cruiser bikes for women around, don’t you think?

It makes you want to climb on t right now and start riding! 🙂

It has pretty wide handlebars which give you more control when riding!

Retro Beach Cruiser Electric Bike ORANGE!

Retro Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle

Retro Electric Beach Cruiser Bicycle

This is a triple treat!
It is a gorgeous bright orange retro-style electric bicycle for sale!
How cool is that??
Now you can ‘zoom’ through your beautiful neighborhood at 20mph without pedaling!
Just like a motorcycle!
(Except it’s a fun retro bike!)

The battery sits on the back and you can choose to pedal the bike or not!
You can go as far as 35 miles per charge!

Gorgeous Baby Blue European Retro Bicycle for Women!

European Retro Bicycle for Women

European Retro Bicycle for Women

Gorgeous recreational retro-looking European beach cruiser bike for women!
Perfect for cruising around town, park or the beach!
It is very smooth and easy to ride.
Will fit most women 5′ tall and taller.

I love the cute and practical Dutch-style rack!
Overall it is a very sturdy bike!

20″ Boys Kids Low Rider Beach Cruiser Bicycle Black

Cool Vintage Bicycle for Kids!

Vintage Bicycle for Boys

Vintage Bicycle for Boys

Check out this gorgeous vintage style retro bike for kids with an authentic banana seat!
Isn’t it super awesome?
Needless to say it’s ultra-fun to ride and very comfortable!
A happy buyer said it’s the perfect retro bike for a seven year old boy!

Retro PINK Bicycle for Girls

Cute Beach Cruiser Bicycle for Girls with Banana Seat!

Retro PINK Bicycle for Girls

Retro PINK Bicycle for Girls

And now it’s time for the little girls to ride an awesome retro PINK bicycle with an awesome banana seat too!
What a fun summer gift idea for girls! 🙂

Cute 24 inch Blue Retro Bicycle for Teen Girls!

Cute 24 inch Blue Retro Bicycle for Teen Girls

Cute 24 inch Blue Retro Bicycle for Teen Girls

Beautiful metallic blue retro bike for girls!
Check out the cool ‘groovy floral’ design!

It has coaster brakes, making it very easy to stop and it’s a one speed bike.
Perfect gift to your daughter!
(This is the perfect size for 9 and 10 year old girls!)
And short ladies too! 🙂

*I hope you enjoyed my selections of cute and fun retro bicycles from this page and were able to pick the best one for you! 🙂
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(Keep on riding!)

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